Giving a Winter Play Day Experience

Fort Teambuilding Experience
Fort Teambuilding Experience

Happy New Year! Best wishes for 2013!

Winter has officially arrived. With it, brings memories of playing in the snow, skating and tobogganing. Remember having Play Day outside in the school yard? Moving from activity station to activity station. Breathing a sigh of relief once you reached the hot chocolate station, whether it was indoors or outdoors.

Why not organize an Employee Play Day experience. Weather permitting, you could arrange stations such as snowshoe tag, best snowman costume, igloo fort building, and, snowball dodge ball, to name a few. Team Building incorporating outdoor activities to inspire “out of the box” thinking is actually the top fifth team building trend for 2013.* For example, you could incorporate the reality show, Survivor inspired team building as a winter forest theme.

Snow or not, you can still arrange for your team to get out of the office for some team bonding in the fresh, crisp winter air. Walkathons are typically saved for the spring season but why not arrange to walk for a local charity of choice (note: top third team building trend for 2013; team building that gives back to the community) and walk the business neighborhood you operate in. And you can still have hot cocoa waiting for them upon their arrival.

Keep your team moving despite the cold, frosty air out there so the dark days of winter can be bearable and productive!


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