Hamilton’s Valentino’s Restaurant … new decor look, same traditional menu

My husband and I recently were out on our postponed Valentine’s Day date (you know if you have little kids as we do!). We had time before our movie, Silver Linings Playbook (fantastic movie!!) so we popped into the new Valentino’s restaurant on Paramount Drive. I’ve been curious since it relocated from Mohawk Road (where it had been since 1985) to this newer area on what it could look inside.

New Valentino's Restaurant
New Valentino’s Restaurant

Front Entrance of Valentino's
Front Entrance of Valentino’s

When we walked in, there was a line-up but we just wanted to grab an espresso at the bar. As we took our seats, I immediately began observing all the modern decor touches they had added (a big change from the dated furniture and overall 80’s look from their previous location). I was impressed! Very open-concept, painted bright red walls, built-in glass wall wine holders, sleek stainless steel light fixtures and red leather-bound menu holders. At the entrance and throughout, there is unique white panelling in a weave pattern; you can see it in the photo on the side. There is even red in the groves of the entrance’s walls; nice unique touch!

You can tell alot of attention to detail and design was put into decorating their new location space. Congratulations to new beginnings!


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