Royal Botanical Gardens …. Different scenery for your next corporate meeting or special occasion

We recently visited Burlington’s Royal Botanical Gardens’ (RBG) “Battle of the Titans” dinosaur exhibit. As we continued to explore the orchid show rooms and then into the greenhouses, we came across this long trellis that was not only beautiful but welcoming at the same time. It instantly spoke to me (not literally!) as I admired it walking up the stairs to the second level of the greenhouse. What a beautiful spot for a wedding picture or a family anniversary shot. The colours and design is so radiant; you can see for yourself on the photo on the right. The circular wreath opening captures attention alongside the colorful blooms that surround it.

Beautiful Spot for a Picture
Beautiful Spot for a Picture
Left Side
Left Side
Right Side
Right side

I know there are two meeting rooms on-site that various groups and companies have booked and continue to. The gardens outside are picture perfect scenery for those looking for a unique venue for their wedding (or even their engagement pictures!). During the winter, this particular indoor spot would be perfect as the sun beats through the greenhouse glass roof, making you feel like you are in a special garden only for you! Creating for an elegant cottage or gazebo look; like the ones you’d see in Style at Home or House and Home magazines.

I hadn’t been to the RBG in many years but I now have a newfound appreciation for it. This would be a great setting for any corporate or group meeting. It’d be easy to take a break and smell the roses!


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