Jumping into Teambuilding


My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims, injured and the people of Boston after last Monday’s Boston Marathon Bombings. It is in shock, sadness and disbelief that this could have happened and why. The Boston Marathon holds history, tradition and goodness, and this act of terror has twisted all the goodness that comes from it. As a Canadian citizen, we stand united with the American people that such an act of terror is not acceptable nor will it be condoned. I dedicate my following Blog Entry to you.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

As I was watching a recent news segment (I watch a lot of news!),
the reporter featured a cool concept where people of all ages get to jump indoors on a
trampoline.  Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park is the creator of the world’s first all-trampoline walled playing court. What a great way to get your exercise
and a unique place to hold a teambuilding experience and/or event!

It provides the ultimate 3-D Play Experience! There are different court areas geared towards various age groups at select times in a day. Groups can rent the 1-Hour Dodge-ball Court during weekdays and the weekend. Everyone who jumps at Sky Zone must complete a valid waiver for that particular location. Socks are a must as everyone who jumps will need to be fitted for special jumping shoes (shoe rental fee is included in the admission fee). And when you want to take a break between jumping, catering is available for your group to munch on.

Good news, Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park has just announced they’ll be opening locations in Chicago and Elmhurst, Illinois in 2013!  Sky Zone is already
operating in Toronto and Mississauga, Ontario and another location is expected to soon open in Canada’s Capital, Ottawa.

For more details, get bouncing to their website, http://www.skyzone.com/