A Splash of Fun – Teambuilding Ideas

watermelon smoothiesSummer is finally upon us! It’s time to cherish these warm months ahead of us and make the best of our time outdoors. There’s so many outdoor teambuilding scavenger hunts, “play day” concepts and activities and even team sports that can bring your team together. For your next company teambuilding experience, why not try organizing “Beach Olympics”! This would be a great opportunity to utilize your local conservation authority area where all team members could play beach volleyball, sandcastle building, frisbee toss relays and even canoe and/or kayak racing. In the spirit of the FIFA Confederations Cup (being held June 15th – 30th in Brazil, which is a prelude to next summer’s FIFA World Cup), teams could divide up to play in a soccer tournament representing different countries of their choice. A little bit of play in the sun never hurt anyone – just don’t forget to wear your sunscreen and hats!

I remember reading a few years back one of the international hotel chains offering a teambuilding concept of “Build Your Own Martini Signature”. How refreshing for the summer! For those companies that are trying to encourage their employees to improve their overall health and wellness, a “Build Your Own Smoothie” would be a great alternative. This could work for an early-day or lunch challenge for teams to come up with inventive yet healthy smoothie recipes that reflect the overall company. Whether it’s in the ingredients or in the smoothie name itself, it allows team members to work together to blend a tasty product in a visually-appealing presentation, ultimately judged by a panel of thirsty managers and executives. Creative and healthy skills explored all in one!


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