Strike up your next teambuilding event!

My friend and I rounded up all our kids recently and headed to Splitsville Entertainment during a weekday afternoon. It was my first time there; I haven’t played bowling in a looong time. As we played our game of bowling, I noticed a group come in.  One by one, they lingered in and eventually headed towards a lane down from ours.  They were there for a teambuilding outing! I thought what a great way to get everyone out of the office, into a centrally air-conditioned venue and enjoy this sunny, almost-summer day. I watched them interact with each other as they split into teams.

Hamilton's Splitsville Entertainment Center
Hamilton’s Splitsville Entertainment

After our game ended, I noticed Splitsville’s teambuilding flyer.  As it states, “the most important resource your business has are its employees. Recognition and building a better team helps managers and companies have greater efficiencies within their human resources. It’s been proven getting your people “off-site” is a great motivator and increases productivity.”  As I read it, I nodded my head.  So true!

Why not consider Hamilton’s Splitsville for your next teambuilding or corporate event! It has three corporate rooms equipped with overhead projectors with seating availability from 12-75 people. However, this sleek bowling facility can hold events ranging from 10 to 550 people.  Full catering is available for breakfast, lunch or dinner meetings or events, or simply appetizers for a more casual feel. Overlooking the bowling alleys in the modern-looking lounge called “The Loft”, there are two pool tables and over 20 televisions for everyone to enjoy while socializing.  Also, there’s free parking and it’s conveniently located off the Lincoln Alexander Parkway (LINC).

Time to roll up those sleeves and strike out those pins, folks!

For more information, check out their website:


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