Welcome Home, Mother’s Pizzeria

I was sooo excited to hear that one of Hamilton’s nostalgic pizzerias, Mother’s Pizza Parlour and Spaghetti House, was returning to our city. I was curious how’d they reinvent it, especially bringing back the unique taste that made it so beloved back when we were bambinos.

I got to have my first taste of the pizza I loved when I was a kid back in May when I went out with some ladies I used to work with. I wasn’t impressed with the décor but the taste didn’t let me down. The owners have done a fantastic job nailing the original taste and flavours of the Mother’s famous pizza from back in the day.

Mother's Pizza Parlour and Spaghetti House
Mother’s Pizza Parlour and Spaghetti House

When I got home that night, I raved about it and told my family they’d have to try it. Life is busy in our household (as for sure it is in yours too!) so I finally made it back in August. We sat on the patio and enjoyed the Friday evening sun. I introduced the pizza to my young son while my husband had the Mexican Panzerotti (which was also very good!!). For days after, I wanted to go back for more …. I was addicted … lol!

Kudos to the owners for bringing back a little bit of Hamilton’s history and the authentic taste we all love and remember! Welcome Home!

Try the famous Mother’s pizza for yourself, visit their website: http://mothersrestaurants.com/


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