Technology on the Run!

Spring has sprung forward! Finally! Team building events provide a unique way to engage your group in fun ways outdoors. Technology is continuously reinventing itself – with iPads, smartphones, and QR Codes, companies are upgrading the traditional scavenger hunts to keep up by incorporating technological devices. Corporate Event Interactive (CEI) is one of them – staying ahead in the event technology race! The following two activities allow teams to be competitive while focusing on the end goal – having fun and engaging with one another.

In the Amazing Windy City Challenge, each team receives an iPad pre-loaded with apps, riddles and puzzles and an interactive digital map. As they traverse Chicago, teams encounter Roadblock Challenges and gather portions of the Windy City Phrase. Teams receive messages and challenges from their office headquarters, requesting them to take creative photos and interact with locals, tourists and even other teams. Photos are rated on accuracy and creativity. All the while, teams collect points to help them become the winning team!

New high-tech scavenger hunts
New high-tech scavenger hunts

CEI also offers the Urban Techno-Hunt where teams hit the streets of Chicago in search of historic locations and fun challenges. Again, using a pre-loaded iPad equipped with riddle and puzzle clues, the teams are set off to discover Chicago’s history with a 21st century spin! Teams remain in constant communication with headquarters, receiving messages updating them on bonus challenges to earn extra points, and trivia questionsanout either their surroundings or industry, or both. At the end, teams re-group and final scores are tallied so the day’s most tech-savvy team can be crowned!

Call CEI today to book either of these two challenges and get your teams running the pavement, moving their fingers, feet and minds, and enjoying the Spring after this long winter!