Ready, Set, Go! Planning for Teambuilding Adventures

Summer 2014 has officially arrived! Plans are underway at most companies for their corporate BBQs, employee company picnics and teambuilding activities. It’s been a long, harsh winter so everyone has eagerly been waiting for the hot, warm weather to arrive, I bet.

At CEI, the wide range of teambuilding adventure offerings can be held both indoor and outdoor. If you are thinking of engaging your employees this summer, there’s no better way than sending them off on a friendly-competitive scavenger hunt.

Art & Architecture Orienteering, CEI teambuilding adventure
Art & Architecture Orienteering, CEI teambuilding adventure

Why not consider any of the following for your next teambuilding day out:

The Great Race – helps team members build cognitive thinking, fast decision-making and maximum team communication

Art and Architecture Orienterring – team players discover Chicago’s hidden art and architectural landmarks amongst Chicago’s urban landscape

The Great Teapot Exchange – Trade it up – teams learn to be savvy marketers and network, negotiate and barter with locals in return for upgraded treasures like hot in-demand tickets and gift certificates

Call CEI to get started on planning for your group’s next teambuilding outing – Ready, Set, Go!