A Holiday Party like no other!

Toy building at its best ... for your local charity choice.
Toy building at its best … for your local charity choice.

Adios Summer…. it was nice while it lasted …. now Fall moves in. Welcome hot bowls of homemade chili and soups, wooly socks and knitted sweaters (again!).

And with the official start of Fall (last Tuesday September 23rd), come thoughts of planning the Holiday Party and/or Employee Appreciation event. It’s that time of the year to recognize all the hard work and efforts your fellow employees have contributed over the business year.

Corporate Event Interactive (CEI) can help! There are so many teambuilding activities for employees to indulge in (instead of the usual sit down dinner). Get your employees (and their guests) to partake in cooking or dessert making or an outdoor ice skate fest ….. Get them interacting with each other instead of awkwardly staring at each other from across the dinner table. Here are some suggestions that surely will get your employees out of their seats:

Creative Cocktails
Who doesn’t like to indulge on a refreshing drink? As guests enter, they must complete various riddles to find the event’s secret code, which they are then given their mixology parameters. Let the fun begin in creating their concoctions before being presented to a panel of judges who will have the “last sip”.

Toy Building Workshop
Your event space is transformed into its very own toy building workshop, allowing guests to build and create toys for a local children’s charity. How cool is that! With the help of tools and friendly elves from the North Pole, guests will have the opportunity to interact with each other all the while creating toys for lucky children, just in time for the Holidays!

International Culinary Cookoff
Your cooking skills are put to the test in this unique teambuilding challenge. Guests are broken into culinary teams and compete in a cooking/company trivia contest to earn extra ingredients and cooking supplies to create their ethnic masterpieces. They will work together in cooking an international feast based on various ethnic regions … a fun and delicious event not to be missed!

Get them dreaming of a Holiday Party like one they’ve never attended before with any of CEI’s teambuilding offerings.

The months of November, December and January book up fast so contact CEI today to get started planning!