Welcome the cold in!

Happy New Year! Welcome 2015! Don’t let the snow, slush, gusty wind and cold weather stop you from taking your team outdoors this winter. Get out there and teambuild!

CEI offers a lot of outdoor events (as well as indoor for all you hibernators!). Consider booking any of the following to get your team venturing in the cool, crisp, fresh frosty air.

Picture This! Photo and Scavenger Hunt – Each team will receive a package including (1) a list of theme photos to be taken, (2) unique items to collect, (3) an instant photo camera and (4) a team mascot that must be included in all photos. Traveling within specified boundaries, teams will strive to capture the perfect photos and find their scavenger items to be crowned the winner!

CEI Teambuilding adventures
CEI Teambuilding adventures

The Great Teapot Exchange – Trade It Up! – Teams have a limited amount of time to traverse their city, make trades, and bring back the most valuable item(s) possible. They’ll work together to take photos of each transaction to document the adventure. Nothing other than the treasured teapot can be traded anything and items obtained from trades of the teapot. Upon return, they’ll decorate a storyboard with photos and promote the final item(s) collected for judging.

The Book of Secrets: A Museum Based Adventure Hunt – For all you looking to teambuild indoors this winter season, this one is for you! Teams receive their Book of Secrets and an iPad (1 per team) from an Adventure Guide and are released into the museum’s exhibits to discover hidden treasures and secret information. Once all the clues in their Book of Secrets are solved, teams turn in their completed books to find out who the winner is!

And when you’re done for the day, you’ll be feeling all warm and fuzzy from having spent those adventurous hours bonding and building trust amongst your team. Creating for an even warmer work environment moving forward.


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