A stylish bathroom to indulge in!

It’s Friday! And it’s been a busy month, folks… between a busy work schedule, March Break and a sick household, I’ll be happy when March is over.

Today I want to share with you the luxurious bathroom I decorated for my clients. A small place full of details!

Client Luxurious Bathroom, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Client Luxurious Bathroom, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

My clients chose the sparkling granite countertop to complement their milky blueish-greyish purpleish choice for their cabinets. The colour chosen was Benjamin Moore’s Yukon Sky, part of the Designer Classic Collection.
Bathroom Cabinets for Web_blogSo I wanted to play on the purple in terms of accents alongside soft gray and yellow touches.  A purple bathmat, pretty yellow towels, and a grey starburst fabric shower curtain helped set the stage, so to speak. (All from Target Canada – as we’ve said before, we’re really, really going to miss them!!)

Towels_blogShower Layout_blogWhite Shower Rings_blogI found the soft art print piece at HomeSense which invokes feelings of tranquility; perfect for the room where you hide away to sometimes. The light blues and greens, white puffy-like clouds with a hint of purple just creates a state of calmness.
Bathroom Corner_blogThe sophisticated light fixture you see was already chosen by my clients, and I’m so glad they did! I recommended the Urban Barn mirror with its weaved design style; allowing the two pieces to create a presence of elegance together.

Bathroom Long View_blogMy clients already owned the original artwork next to the mirror but it needed an update. I had the outdated hunter green mat frame replaced with a more modern solid gray one. Made a big difference!

Bathroom Mirror Side_blog

Who wouldn’t want to take a shower in here? With that large size shower head! Surrounded by a pretty accent wrap-around pattern of purple/gray/beige tiles. A few minutes for themselves, especially after a long day of work.

Interior Shower_blog

That’s it for now.  The next tour will include their Master Bedroom. Until next time … have a great weekend!

Being welcomed home

Hallway Entrance_ copy
Warm yet functional entryway, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Happy Friday everyone! Today we wanted to feature the warm yet functional entryway we designed for our client project series.

As you can see below, the previous homeowners had kept their golf clubs by the doorway. And, it had an outdated brass light fixture and flowery traditional runner welcoming them in.

Kitchen & Hallway_Before_
With little twin girls and two working parents, we wanted to create an entrance that would work for our clients in the mornings as they rush out the door to work and daycare, and when they come home from a tired day.

We wanted to keep this busy family of four’s entryway tidy and organized. So we did just that by personalizing four individual baskets to keep their mitts, hats, scarves and tiny shoes all stored in one spot.
Personalized Baskets copy

We found this pretty white bench with shutter sliding doors and storage shelves (from Target Canada); it fit perfect with the rest of their main floor’s open-concept décor look and feel.  The vintage-inspired pillow was a surprise find from Kitchen Stuff Plus that complemented the solid navy blue sweater-style pillow (also from Target Canada – hey what can we say, we LOVE Target!).

DSC_0170 copy
We fell in love (so did our clients) with the wooden rustic accent mirror from Home Outfitters; we knew it would be the right fit to anchor the spot.  So our clients can have that one last look before they walk out the door.  The geometric modern area rug pattern (again from Target Canada) also fits the tone with the rest of their living room décor.  While, the chic light fixture completes the overall entryway with style and sophistication.

Stay tuned for the next reveal in our client project series … their luxurious bathroom!

Not Your Typical Easter Bunny Scavenger Hunts …

Teambuilding - Urban Techno Hunt
Teambuilding – The Urban Techno Hunt

With Easter five weeks away, parents everywhere are planning their kids’ scavenger hunts this year. Using those small real chocolate eggs (and/or the colourful plastic ones too). And kids everywhere are excited to be on the search to collect the most eggs e-ver (or at least for this year!).

With the Spring (officially arrives March 20th!) weather nearing, Chicago’s Corporate Event Interactive (CEI) offers a variety of scavenger hunts for all those “big kids at heart” out there. From Elvis Has Left The Building to 80’s Time Machine, there are plenty of team-building activities that will fit your corporate objectives. With The Hunt for Sam & Frank; A Culinary Adeventure, you get to scour all over town as teams to solve clues in finding these two villains. Meanwhile, The Urban Techno Hunt lets teams hit the city streets in search of historic and interesting locations and new challenges, equipped with a pre-loaded iPad. There are so many outdoor (and indoor) team events to pick from!

Teambuilding fun!
Teambuilding fun!

So hop on over to see for yourself CEI’s complete listing of team-oriented programming offerings. Baskets and buckets are optional.

Happy Easter everyone!