A stylish bathroom to indulge in!

It’s Friday! And it’s been a busy month, folks… between a busy work schedule, March Break and a sick household, I’ll be happy when March is over.

Today I want to share with you the luxurious bathroom I decorated for my clients. A small place full of details!

Client Luxurious Bathroom, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Client Luxurious Bathroom, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

My clients chose the sparkling granite countertop to complement their milky blueish-greyish purpleish choice for their cabinets. The colour chosen was Benjamin Moore’s Yukon Sky, part of the Designer Classic Collection.
Bathroom Cabinets for Web_blogSo I wanted to play on the purple in terms of accents alongside soft gray and yellow touches.  A purple bathmat, pretty yellow towels, and a grey starburst fabric shower curtain helped set the stage, so to speak. (All from Target Canada – as we’ve said before, we’re really, really going to miss them!!)

Towels_blogShower Layout_blogWhite Shower Rings_blogI found the soft art print piece at HomeSense which invokes feelings of tranquility; perfect for the room where you hide away to sometimes. The light blues and greens, white puffy-like clouds with a hint of purple just creates a state of calmness.
Bathroom Corner_blogThe sophisticated light fixture you see was already chosen by my clients, and I’m so glad they did! I recommended the Urban Barn mirror with its weaved design style; allowing the two pieces to create a presence of elegance together.

Bathroom Long View_blogMy clients already owned the original artwork next to the mirror but it needed an update. I had the outdated hunter green mat frame replaced with a more modern solid gray one. Made a big difference!

Bathroom Mirror Side_blog

Who wouldn’t want to take a shower in here? With that large size shower head! Surrounded by a pretty accent wrap-around pattern of purple/gray/beige tiles. A few minutes for themselves, especially after a long day of work.

Interior Shower_blog

That’s it for now.  The next tour will include their Master Bedroom. Until next time … have a great weekend!

Fresh Team Building Events for a New Year

Happy New Year! It’s a brand new year with a new outlook. Companies that put on events for their clients and employees may be interested in a recent BizBash article, 2014 Preview: Predicting the Most Overrated and Underrated Event Trends. Words such as “thought-provoking”, “interactive”, “casual” and “local” are the new mindset when approaching the value and benefits guests will get by attending events and activities this coming year. In appealing to a wide range of guests companies must keep in mind the value of offering events that include corporate social responsibility elements, yet are trendy and fresh.

Source: BizBash.com
Source: BizBash.com

CEI not only offers team building activities but also events that give back to the community at large. CEI’s Bright Horizons allows teams to work together to paint pre-drawn murals to brighten up walls of local underprivileged schools, healthcare facilities, children’s shelters or senior centers. With Innovation Stations, teams pull their creativity together to work on a variety of projects and challenges. These imaginative activities help boost morale, stimulate communication and spark imagination; important to enhance overall employee relations on an everyday basis.

What’s an event without food! Beat this harsh winter we’re having with the hot Sassy Salsa Showdown team building event. With every “spicy” riddle and puzzle clue completed, each correct answer earns teams an ingredient to create their mouth-watering salsa creations. Before serving their salsa mixtures to their peers, each team will create a special sales kit geared towards a 60-second advertisement spot on their local super-station.

This year offers a world of possibilities for companies looking to continue fostering strong employee engagement within their companies as well as developing stronger client relationships. Which events do you want to put on? Memorable, engaging, and interactive ones? CEI can help!