Assembling the Troops to Feed a Community!

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome 2016! Hope you all had a relaxing Holiday season.

This is my latest blog post for Chicago’s Corporate Event Interactive.


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On November 4th, 2015, Corporate Event Interactive (CEI) produced Feeding Chicago for its client, the Meetings & Incentives Worldwide(M&IW). It was a team building meets CSR event during their Annual Meeting. M&IW employees took part in a series of team building challenges and trivia while building camaraderie and at the same time, giving back to the community. After each challenge was completed, teams received food vouchers which were redeemed at the “general store” for food items. Teams assembled and decorated boxed lunches and wrote inspirational messages to be included. How fitting!

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The boxed lunches/dinners were then donated to Cornerstone Community Outreach which offers shelter and services to homeless and low-income families in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. A representative from Cornerstone visited during the event to thank the teams for building awareness and to generously accept the appreciated donations.

The clients really enjoyed participating in the day’s activities, especially assembling the boxed lunches/dinners. They also brought extra non-perishable food items themselves from home to donate to Cornerstone.

Way to go M&IW team!

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It was awesome and everyone had a great time! Another successful event!!!” – Jean Johnson, President & CEO Meetings & Incentives Worldwide


Coming together for a Corporate Feud

Hi everyone! It’s November! I haven’t blogged in a while, but here is my latest guest blog post for Chicago’s Corporate Event Interactive. They had a pretty cool client teambuilding activity recently based on Family Feud … who doesn’t love this show, whether you are a fan of the original or the new comeback with Steve Harvey.  Enjoy!

When was the last time your Corporate Feud was a funny, engaging one? Our teambuilding activity (based on the widely-known, long-running Family Feud game show) was exactly that for one of our valued clients, Brightstar Corp.  On October 15th, 2015, we ran The Brightstar Game Show Medley at the welcoming DoubleTree Hotel.

“Teams face off at the buzzer”
“Teams face off at the buzzer”

This brought their department together as a “family”, a corporate family. It allowed each individual to depend on each other, engage with one another, in answering the best they could to the different survey questions being posed within an allotted time frame. It was a funny way for everyone to learn to rely on each other outside their day-to-day office space. Yet, it still helped to meet the end goal: the importance of coming together, regardless of the specific environment, to complete tasks that result in successful business outcomes. The more you trust your co-workers, the better your working relationships will be. Creating for better everyday business practices.

If you can’t trust your family, who can you trust?

"The winning team!"
“The winning team!”

The day proved this as the different activities rolled out. There were winners and there were good sports (who earned a delicious box of Rice Roni … perfect for dinner that night, we might add). What really counts is that they were able to work as a team and deliver results … together.

"The good sports ... still winners in our eyes!"
“The good sports … still winners in our eyes!”

“It was great. Everyone had a good time. It was a GREAT experience and everyone enjoyed themselves!!! Thank you!” ~ Brightstar Corp.

Not Your Typical Easter Bunny Scavenger Hunts …

Teambuilding - Urban Techno Hunt
Teambuilding – The Urban Techno Hunt

With Easter five weeks away, parents everywhere are planning their kids’ scavenger hunts this year. Using those small real chocolate eggs (and/or the colourful plastic ones too). And kids everywhere are excited to be on the search to collect the most eggs e-ver (or at least for this year!).

With the Spring (officially arrives March 20th!) weather nearing, Chicago’s Corporate Event Interactive (CEI) offers a variety of scavenger hunts for all those “big kids at heart” out there. From Elvis Has Left The Building to 80’s Time Machine, there are plenty of team-building activities that will fit your corporate objectives. With The Hunt for Sam & Frank; A Culinary Adeventure, you get to scour all over town as teams to solve clues in finding these two villains. Meanwhile, The Urban Techno Hunt lets teams hit the city streets in search of historic and interesting locations and new challenges, equipped with a pre-loaded iPad. There are so many outdoor (and indoor) team events to pick from!

Teambuilding fun!
Teambuilding fun!

So hop on over to see for yourself CEI’s complete listing of team-oriented programming offerings. Baskets and buckets are optional.

Happy Easter everyone!

Team-building and Team Bonding – What’s the Difference?

Smart Tribes Book, By Christine Comaford
Smart Tribes Book, By Christine Comaford

What’s the purpose of your next team-oriented event? How do you want your team members to come together? We came across this book, SmartTribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together, that helps event meeting professionals to answer such questions. According to New York Times best-selling author, Christine Comaford, she helps to explain the significance between team-building and team bonding attributes.

Comaford says “We use a team-building event in order to further the ability to work together.” She adds that “gaining new skills, fostering trust, shifting behaviors and designing a shared future are characteristics of a team-building event. We are investing in building and enhancing the performance of the team.”

While Comaford explains “team bonding is an opportunity to build deeper relationships, play and let off steam. Here we are investing in the team’s understanding of and connection to one another via a shared experience.”

With CEI, the company offers a wide range of teambuilding events that foster the importance of working together, building trust and developing continuous confidence. From scavenger hunts to socially-responsible events to workshops and retreats, CEI can work with you in choosing the right fit for your organizational needs. The CEI team is here to help. Contact them today to get started!


Welcome the cold in!

Happy New Year! Welcome 2015! Don’t let the snow, slush, gusty wind and cold weather stop you from taking your team outdoors this winter. Get out there and teambuild!

CEI offers a lot of outdoor events (as well as indoor for all you hibernators!). Consider booking any of the following to get your team venturing in the cool, crisp, fresh frosty air.

Picture This! Photo and Scavenger Hunt – Each team will receive a package including (1) a list of theme photos to be taken, (2) unique items to collect, (3) an instant photo camera and (4) a team mascot that must be included in all photos. Traveling within specified boundaries, teams will strive to capture the perfect photos and find their scavenger items to be crowned the winner!

CEI Teambuilding adventures
CEI Teambuilding adventures

The Great Teapot Exchange – Trade It Up! – Teams have a limited amount of time to traverse their city, make trades, and bring back the most valuable item(s) possible. They’ll work together to take photos of each transaction to document the adventure. Nothing other than the treasured teapot can be traded anything and items obtained from trades of the teapot. Upon return, they’ll decorate a storyboard with photos and promote the final item(s) collected for judging.

The Book of Secrets: A Museum Based Adventure Hunt – For all you looking to teambuild indoors this winter season, this one is for you! Teams receive their Book of Secrets and an iPad (1 per team) from an Adventure Guide and are released into the museum’s exhibits to discover hidden treasures and secret information. Once all the clues in their Book of Secrets are solved, teams turn in their completed books to find out who the winner is!

And when you’re done for the day, you’ll be feeling all warm and fuzzy from having spent those adventurous hours bonding and building trust amongst your team. Creating for an even warmer work environment moving forward.

Fresh Team Building Events for a New Year

Happy New Year! It’s a brand new year with a new outlook. Companies that put on events for their clients and employees may be interested in a recent BizBash article, 2014 Preview: Predicting the Most Overrated and Underrated Event Trends. Words such as “thought-provoking”, “interactive”, “casual” and “local” are the new mindset when approaching the value and benefits guests will get by attending events and activities this coming year. In appealing to a wide range of guests companies must keep in mind the value of offering events that include corporate social responsibility elements, yet are trendy and fresh.


CEI not only offers team building activities but also events that give back to the community at large. CEI’s Bright Horizons allows teams to work together to paint pre-drawn murals to brighten up walls of local underprivileged schools, healthcare facilities, children’s shelters or senior centers. With Innovation Stations, teams pull their creativity together to work on a variety of projects and challenges. These imaginative activities help boost morale, stimulate communication and spark imagination; important to enhance overall employee relations on an everyday basis.

What’s an event without food! Beat this harsh winter we’re having with the hot Sassy Salsa Showdown team building event. With every “spicy” riddle and puzzle clue completed, each correct answer earns teams an ingredient to create their mouth-watering salsa creations. Before serving their salsa mixtures to their peers, each team will create a special sales kit geared towards a 60-second advertisement spot on their local super-station.

This year offers a world of possibilities for companies looking to continue fostering strong employee engagement within their companies as well as developing stronger client relationships. Which events do you want to put on? Memorable, engaging, and interactive ones? CEI can help!