Stand out! Try a Teambuilding Activity for your 2013 Corporate Holiday Party

If you haven’t reserved any venues for your company’s employee holiday party yet, it’s not too late. According to Bizbash Magazine, after the recession hit, companies have been more interested in encouraging their staff to meet one another by participating in fun team activities, as opposed to the formal sit-down dinners of the past. CEI can confirm this trend as the company has seen interest in team building activities spike in recent years. The company has over 125 fun events, and two in particular are highlighted below:

Murder, Mystery and Intrigue – Murder, Mystery, and Intrigue is an interactive and improvisational game. It’s an opportunity for employees to put their Sherlock Holmes investigative skills to the test while actors in costumes enhance the mood of the room by revealing clues.

Sassy Salsa Showdown – If you are looking to throw a hot, fun-filled fiesta for your employees, why not incorporate the Sassy Salsa Showdown. In the showdown, guests will be divided into culinary teams where they must complete a series of “spicy” riddles, puzzles, and clues. With every correct answer, teams earn an ingredient from the “super market” to be added to their salsa creations.

BizBash has reported that this holiday season “employee appreciation and charitable efforts are top priorities.” CEI has many offerings that fit this category. For example, Operation Toy Box allows for a team of approximately ten people to be creative in building a children’s toy box that doubles as a bench. Teams complete challenges to earn toys for their box which are then donated to local children’s charities. In another activity, Goodwill Hunters, teams of hunters are given a tote bag to collect donations along with clues that lead them to specially selected locations. Teams are given challenges that by completing enable them to earn toys, games, books, and non-perishable goods.

For a full listing of the various charitable teambuilding events that CEI offers throughout the year, please visit Corpevent.comNovember blog.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful and safe Holiday season! Best wishes for 2014!